V2 Cigs Coupon Codes

Every electronic cigarette company operates a little bit differently. Their pricing strategies, savings strategies, and their use of coupon codes differ. One thing does not change: where to locate V2 Cigs promo codes for online purchases and other discounts from e cig manufacturers.

Here’s the latest V2 Cigs Coupon Codes and Deals:

2017 V2 Cigs Coupon Codes




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V2 Ultimate Kit Locating Deals

You can locate deals from V2 Cigs themselves: no fuss, no hassle. Clients also visit websites where e cig users report on the various electronic vaping products, including V2.

This brand of e cig is highly rated and widely used so there is no shortage of reviews, and there is a very high ratio of nice ratings, and many sites like this one offer discounts to help towards your purchase.

Types of Deals

There are a number of annual sales that are offered for a limited time. An example is any holiday savings offer. Promotions and prize draws are also short term. Particular codes are allocated to starter kits, clearance items, or combine with existing price reductions to make for massive savings. By their very nature, these types of discounts last a little while only: while stocks last, for instance.

Some promo codes, however, do not expire. These include some codes for starter kits. You can use them any time to buy your first package of e cigs and accessories or to purchase one for a friend who is just about to switch over to e cigs after smoking analog cigarettes.

Amounts of Discounts

Coupons can save you lots of money over the long run. Even 10% is hefty on some orders, but imagine more like 40%: this is what you could save by combining sale prices with additional discounts. V2Cigs.com also has created a loyalty system by rewarding clients for sticking with them, even when new lines come out to attract them away (see the post below).

When you use your discount code, just remember it has to be claimed before the ordering process is finished.

Shop Online: http://www.v2cigs.com

(Just enter your discount code at checkout!)

Vaping Loose Leaf Tobacco vs. Nicotine E-Liquid

Among the many alternative nicotine delivery systems, two come to the forefront for their ability to simulate smoking: vaporizing with a dry herb pen and vaping with an e cig. The two activities share similarities but differences are revealed in a closer examination of these two alternatives to smoking.

One of the top similarities is that they are both safer and better for you than smoking real cigarettes in most people’s opinions; at least when they are used properly. (Scientific evidence is still determining the long term effects of vapor versus smoke, especially with e-cig juices).

Dry Tobacco leavesLoose Leaf Tobacco

A vaporizer for dry herbs contains a heating chamber with a filter made from glass, stainless steel, or some other type of mesh. Pen-style vapes are known for burning herbs if temperature control is non-existent or tricky to time, but they can be highly effective when used correctly and if you choose quality manufacturing.

Whereas a cigarette uses the same sorts of herbs, a loose leaf tobacco vaporizer is not supposed to burn them but boils out water retained in the leaves to create vapor. That vapor tastes a lot like real cigarette, pipe, or cigar tobacco and also contains nicotine.

The herb will also contain any toxins remaining in the herb if the method of growing it involved chemicals. Tar is absent; so are most of the chemicals found in cigarette smoke, but there are still quantifiable levels of certain ones. Carbon monoxide is reduced but not eliminated.

Best Device To Use For Vaping Loose Leaf Tobacco?

We recommend one of the V2 Pro Series Vaporizers:

These are both very high quality devices, and both have cartridges specifically made for loose leaf product, with an advanced heating mechanism for optimal vapor, without burning the material.

There are a number of really cool features for each, and both can vaporize loose leaf products, e-liquid and wax, with specific cartridges made for each.

Learn more about the V2 Pro Series Here

V2 Red e juice

Nicotine Liquid

Although referred to by some as “nicotine liquid,” that can be a misnomer. Many consumers use e juice that does not contain nicotine or where nicotine is greatly reduced.

E liquid is still undergoing studies, namely to determine which chemicals or toxins are released into the air and whether high-watt vaping changes the chemical makeup of e juice vapor. Still, it’s a lot harder to burn liquid than to create ash out of loose leaf herbs.

Some argue that the authentic flavor of tobacco is missing from nicotine liquid. Vapeologists (people who mix base ingredients, nicotine, and flavors to create e liquid) approach but cannot truly simulate those flavors however hard they try.

Then again, they can create a wider range of flavors which include tobacco and menthol but extend to everything for which an extract can be made or found and which vapers would find desirable. Ground herbs do not taste like lemon custard or strawberry licorice, but e liquid might.

Double Uses

A number of herbal vaporizers are utilized not just for tobacco but also for marijuana. This is something an e liquid vaporizer is not used for. APVs are sometimes used with herbal tanks, but pens with matching cartomizers and all rebuildable atomizers were designed as e liquid vaporizing devices only. Vapers do not heat up illegal substances with these products unless they are being utilized contrary to manufacturers’ specifications.

V2 Pro vaporizers - sales & promotions

V2 Cigs vs Vaporfi


Let’s talk about two of the hottest brands at the moment: VaporFi and V2 Cigs. V2 is a long time contender in the market, and VaporFi is a quickly rising mainstay, having gained acclaim from the moment they launched.

Each of these brands represents the pinnacle of the market, in terms of options, styles, quality and variety. Considering the quality of both, and the huge selection each offers, I want to look at each in depth for a comparison.





2016 Vaporfi Coupon Codes


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V2Let’s start off with V2. We all know and respect this brand, and we can totally look at them as the “old faithful” of the industry. Nothing they produce is going to be bad, and you know if you purchase from V2, you are getting a pretty good product.

While they may not venture into the territory of extremely advanced technology like VaporFi, you can bet their products will be great quality at great prices, albeit very basic. The have great accessories, nice styling, however I do find them to be a little bit lacking in the number of flavors they offer. A company this big and known for their quality can’t really get by with 12 core flavors anymore.

While the focus with V2 is on sticking to the basics, they offer a healthy variety of starter kits designed around their different e-cigarettes, as well two styles of vape pens built on standard technology.

When it comes to entry-level e-cigarettes, their different products give beginners a lot of options. The V2 Standard Kit is a good buy, and is a good intro to the world of vaping.

V2 standard kit

This isn’t a product that will do much for an expert, but for first-timers, it’s as dependable as it gets. There are a few upgraded kits based on the Standard, and these are also geared towards the e-cig novices of the world. They’re awesome for those just getting into the concept of vaping your nicotine instead of smoking it, and are ideal for those who are not yet ready to play with the big dogs (the APV’s and Mods!).

V2’s limited selection of vape pens does seem a little behind the times, as you have brands like VaporFi totally excelling in this area, however the two versions they offer are ideal for the vapers who are looking to advance their vaping a bit beyond the most basic items. Tanks and batteries are both very simplistic, but you can expect decent performance; it’s V2 we’re talking about!

They do have one pen recently released called the Pro Series 3, which is a 3-in-1 pen, and this does push them ahead in some areas, as this device is very cutting edge.

V2 Pro Series 3

V2 has a general variety of e-liquids, and they totally make things convenient for the user by offering different flavor sample packs. These are great for folks who cannot ever try just one or two flavors. The price isn’t bad at $16.95 for 25ml, but honestly speaking, there are better choices out there.

If you are looking for a product that feels and tastes like the real thing, then this brand is for you. They have a simple selection of decent flavors, which are all good.

VaporFi BannerVaporFi

Now let’s take a look at VaporFI.

Here’s some background: VaporFi is known throughout the industry by just about everyone for their super innovative line. Having caught the attention of the market from day one, they truly understand what vapers are looking for. They cover all ends of the market, with a long list of top-quality products, lots of different hi-tech models, sick accessories, and a ton of power, all with very modern, clean style.

Suffice it to say, they have zeroed-in on everything every e-cig user is looking for, and executed it without a hitch. Basic e-cigs for beginners, mid-range vape pens for intermediates, and crazy rebuildables for the most discerning enthusiasts; they cover all the bases.

VaporFi APV’s, such as the Pro Vaporizer is just a sampling of their many products.

Vaporfi pro colors

This pen comes in several different models, with the option of variable voltage, different levels of power (some as high as 1000mAh), the ability to work with a huge variety of their different tanks, and other accessories.

Hands down, this is one of the most versatile yet satisfying devices on the market. It is perfect for intermediate vapers who want something easy to use with a lot of features/ power, while still being an option for beginners who know they want a more advanced device than a basic e-cig.

The other area VaporFi is offering unique options is in the area of “expert level” devices. As the technology grows, so do the appetites of advanced users, and we’ve gotten to the point where the geekiest of vapor geeks prefer to build their own mods and have a hand in everything to do with their devices.

Can’t say we disagree; getting the most out of your device is worth the extra effort, and VaporFi gets this. They have some incredible state of the art models, like the Volt, the Vox Hybrid tank, and the two variations of the iconic Rebel. These items are not to be messed with; it is recommended that only the most advanced users try their hand at them, as they require a good amount of knowledge and know-how to use correctly, safely, and effectively.

Here’s The VOX and Tanks They Sell as a Kit:

VOX TC Starter Kit

Then there is the subject of liquid. There is no one on the market who can touch VaporFi on this level. VaporFi trumps V2 here in price, charging $14.99 per 30ml, while V2 sells theirs for $16.95 per 25ml. Unlike V2, in this category, VF offers a wider selection of nicotine levels; going up to 3.6%, whereas V2 hits a maximum 2.4%.

They have dozens of single flavors, and they offer the unique option of “Custom Blending,” where they will blend up to 3 different flavors as you like. This is really awesome because you get to enjoy so many more choices, and they seriously leave nothing out.

The only way to put it is, flavor for days! And not only is their liquid superb in ingredients, but this “top quality” really plays into how the e-juice performs, and conveys flavor. So the result is out of control; best damn liquid I’ve tried, and I will never run out of possible flavor combinations with over 30,000 possibilities to choose from.

The one flavor I do love from V2 is their Red flavor, at 18% or 24% nicotine, since I was a Marlboro red smoker.

When it’s all said and done, VaporFi is my top pick for options, innovation, excellent e-liquids and flavors, and having just more power. I can’t knock V2, as I stated above the quality is solid and the products are good, it’s just that VaporFi goes deeper into the market and deeper when it comes to technology.

Both brands keep it real by offering the security of a 30-day money back guarantee, and warranties. As you know, if you’re going to be dropping any cash on a brand, make sure they back you up with some kind of return policy like this.

Vaporfi Custom Vape Pen Builder


CASAA is a short acronym, but it stands for the long title “Consumer Advocates for a Smoke-Free Alternatives Association.” This non-profit organization is run by a mixture of e cig vendors and individuals from various walks of life who promote Tobacco Harm Reduction methods.

With more than 27,000 regular members at last count, it is a considerable organization the goal of which is to disseminate information about vaping and electronic cigarettes to anyone who is interested, to fund research into vaping, and to counter anti-vaping arguments from various sectors. They also support one another as a community using their forum and other activities.

FDA Activities

It is no secret that the US Government and various bodies from around the world (including WHO) have expressed concern about vaping: its potential dangers and possible benefits. Parties from both sides of the argument have been discussing the issue and sometimes issuing statements based on opinion rather than fact. The plain truth is that too little scientific information is yet available for the public to form a knowledgeable and full picture of what this form of nicotine delivery system might be doing to bodies and second-hand vapers in the long run.

That is why CASAA supports research but also denounces uninformed statements and unbalanced commentary, in particular when influential bodies are speaking and Big Tobacco becomes involved.

Calls to Action

One of their primary goals since becoming organized in 2009 has been to motivate action from vapers. They protest against negative reception by the FDA and other organizations — both official and unofficial — by writing letters to members of congress and talking about why they vape.

Many of their members have been passionate, intelligent, and straightforward in the face of negativity from the other side. This calm, sensible approach has given balance to a sometimes aggressive response from vapers which rose up from calls to ban e cigs and related devices. If they can back their opinions with scientific evidence, it is easier to counter bad opinion based on fear with the reassurance of hard facts.

The Board

CASAA’s original board was elected but the current board was appointed and includes accountants, lawyers, professors, and e cig vendors. Only one third of these individuals can be commercially involved in the e cig industry. All of them are volunteers: no one is paid to participate in CASAA.

Regional representatives in 45 states and DC plus 5 countries monitor and report the vaping situation in their areas to the central board in Alabama. It is their intention that regular people — vapers — be most involved because there can be no claims of “conflict of interest” in such a case. That is, vapers wish for their smoking alternative to remain viable but are not motivated by money to speak their peace.

Monies Raised

Membership and fundraising drives bring money into the organization but funds are not set aside to pay participants for their work. These are used to create promotional materials which are handed out at events such as vape meets and by shop owners (leaflets, bumper stickers, etc). Some funds are used to support research about e cigs and e liquid.

In particular, members are acting to influence upcoming reports by the FDA following their work to assess e cig companies around the United States. Although the comment period ended in August, it is still possible, through CASAA, for vapers to make their opinions heard.

If the non-vaping public can understand how important e cigs are to former smokers and what vaping has done for their lives, perhaps the tide will turn. CASAA’s website posts information about e cigs, smoking, and an online survey about vaping which they invite people to fill out.

Different Types Of Electronic Cigarettes

A new vaper will be struck with the huge number of brand names he has to choose from and the similarities between many of them, but there are still more decisions to be made. Besides brands, there are styles of electronic cigarettes, plenty of which look nothing like analogs.

Early E Cigs

First choices are always the hardest. They also form a smoker’s first impressions of vaping, so this decision has to be made with care. You can easily ruin a good start with a bad decision, so read all of the reviews you can get your hands on and talk with vapers who feel the way you do about the whole topic. Some will embrace big batteries and bright colors, but others want to perpetuate the illusion that they are still smoking for as long as possible.

V2 regular batteriesMini E Cigs

The second group is best suited to cigalikes; small batteries fitted with even smaller cartridges to form cigarette-sized devices. They usually weigh a little more and are a fraction larger.

But overall, a cigalike gives the impression of smoking. It lights up at the tip, although various companies have chosen LED colors besides red so that bystanders do not mistake a vaper for a smoker and kick him out of a no-smoking area.

You can buy disposable ones anywhere cigarettes are sold, such as convenience stores and gas stations. Firms like Halo, Vapor4Life, Cigavette, and V2 Cigs sell rechargeable kits online and at selected retail outlets.

South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke, VaporFi, and Bull Smoke carry their versions too. Devices known as 510 e cigs made by Chinese brands like Innokin and JoyeTech are also slim and short. Numerous companies provide cigarette colors, but alternatives like bright blue and pink are also available.

V2 Pro Series 3A Second Choice

Next in this beginners’ group is the eGo battery. Its power capacity is at least double that of a large e cig battery, but often even greater. If you used a manual cigalike battery (with a button to make the heating coil work), then you will be familiar with the way an eGo is operated.

Instead of a lighted tip, the button sometimes lights up, but not necessarily. With a few exceptions, eGos attach to empty clearomizers holding at least as much e liquid as a cigalike cartridge but usually more by at least 50%.

Where a cigarette-like battery holds its charge for a typical maximum of 4 hours, a 650-mAh battery will last 6 or more and the 1000-mAh variety operates an entire day when fully charged. There are “spinner” type eGos that allow the user to control voltage within a small range. Brands with good reputations are JoyeTech, Kanger, and Vision.

Battery Tubes

The next class of e cigs starts with a battery tube: the base is not your battery. It’s the command center where vapers switch their unit on and off and adjust volts or watts. This e cig brain stops the device from operating when there is a problem like a shorted circuit or battery put in the wrong way around.

Usually, battery power starts no lower than 650 mAh, but you will usually find these advanced personal vaporizers operate with more than 2000 mAh: enough power for two days of vaping. Mechanical versions of these devices do not rely on a brain but on the care of a vaper to operate safely. With skill, he can also adjust temperature by wrapping coils to a particular resistance so that battery voltage isn’t as important.

Brands famous for their “mods” (modifiable e cigs) include Smok with their Magneto, Innokin (makers of the MVP and Cool Fire), and JoyeTech with their eVic Supreme. Only advanced vapers are advised to purchase these devices.

V2 Pro vaporizers - Check Your Ego

Is Vaping Cheaper Than Smoking?

Among claims by e cig manufacturers is this one: that vaping is cheaper than smoking. These companies claim that costs are far reduced if you give up cigarettes and turn to vaping devices, whether mini cigs or eGos; APVs or mods. You could save hundreds or more than $1,000 in a year. Is vaping cheaper or is that a con? Consider the evidence.

What’s the Cost of Smoking?

How much does a package of cigarettes cost? This varies from state to state (and so do costs of vaping according to how much competition there is). If a package of 20 cigs costs $6, you are getting a pretty good deal because it is common to pay double figures. Packages in a carton are cheaper than each package purchased singly.

Meanwhile, e cig companies claim you can puff for the equivalent of 1 ½ to 2 packages of cigarettes on a single battery and one cartridge.

Spurious Claims?

Is this true? Could you puff for the equivalent of a full package and more on a single cartridge containing up to 1 ml of e liquid? That question is also difficult to answer.

For a start, each mini cig company’s cartridges are a little different and their batteries are of different quality. It’s more likely that you will enjoy up to 1 ½ packages or less from one cartridge and there are times when a cartridge arrives empty or incomplete, although that should be rare and big companies compensate customers when this happens.

Price of a Cartridge

Still looking at e cig cartridges, most of these are priced a little over $2 each: about $2 per ml, essentially. If they were to provide as many puffs as 1 ½ packages of cigarettes, that works out to around $1.50 per pack. The price range is pretty wide: from about $9 to $19.99 per package of 5, with e liquid quality ranging widely too.

Price of Vaping

But the cartridge is just one part of your equation. Add a battery and chargers at the very beginning and expect to replace your rechargeable battery by the end of the year, probably the end of 6 months. If you buy a regular 2-battery starter kit for $50, the price of a package of cigarettes works out to $3.33 (based on a 10-cartridge kit, each cartridge equal to 1 ½ packs.) You’re still paying far less than you did to smoke cigarettes, and this is only the beginning.

Now imagine you bought an eGo battery of some kind, maybe a kit, and are now refilling a 2-ml clearomizer as well. The clearomizer costs around $10 and is rebuildable so you only have to replace the atomizer head regularly. Your battery should last the equivalent amount of time and costs only marginally more than a mini cig battery. The price of a kit is $50, plus you add $5 for e liquid and $5 for shipping: that brings you to a total of $60. Based on the math used above (1 ml of e liquid lasts the same length of time as 1 ½ packages of cigarettes) you get the equivalent of 15 packages of cigarettes for $60. That’s $4 per package at first, which makes it seem like you pay more to vape with bigger batteries, but only at first.

As you continue, the long term cost comes down. Now, instead of $2 per ml you pay $0.50 per ml. At that rate, 1 ½ packages of cigarettes costs 50 cents. Your electricity bill will be higher because you are charging the battery, so work that out too, but even with that additional cost, starting from $1 for 3 packages, it’s hard to lose.

Here’s a graphic showing the cost difference with V2 from their website:

Cost Of V2 vs Analogues

Do The Benefits Of E Cigs Outweigh The Cons?

Community groups, health care professionals, governments, and parent groups all argue one way or the other: that e cigs are potentially hazardous or that they save lives. No one can say for sure that e cigs are harmless. While much research concentrates on the scientific end of things, there are also cultural ramifications and economic ones. Are e cigs doing more good than harm in society?

Financial Benefits of the Electronic Cigarette

One potential benefit of vaping appears to be the economic one. E cigs cost less than cigarettes, particularly cigalikes and intermediate eGo vaping pens. They bring the price of vaping to around $1.50 per “pack” or less so long as an individual’s “smoking” habits do not change and the product is not faulty.

E cigarettes contribute to the economy with the start of local businesses which enable unemployed people to remain financially independent and to contribute. Business owners hire employees who also spend money in their local economies.

Health Benefits

Countless vapers testify that if it weren’t for e cigs they would be dead. They had tried to give up smoking using other methods: quitting cold turkey, chewing gum, and wearing nicotine patches. Nothing worked, or not for long.

These same men and women are now vaping with cigalikes or eGos and they haven’t craved a cigarette since picking up their new habit. Some of these people reduce the nicotine in their e cigs and stop vaping too. Others reduce nicotine and continue vaping for the flavor and to maintain the physical habit of “smoking.” Further consumers continue to use nicotine-laden e juice.

Health Detriment

While many people believe that cigarette smoke is the big problem with smoking, nicotine is another one. This chemical, used as a pesticide in many parts of the world, is a killer in its own right. It can cause heart problems which are just as serious as the lung problems associated with cigarette smoke.

Furthermore, teens who see e cigs as a “safe alternative” to smoking might not realize what they are getting themselves into. Nicotine is highly addictive. Maybe the carcinogens are gone (or most of them, the jury is still out), but nicotine will cause problems an unsuspecting, curious teen is not aware of.

Teens should not be purchasing e cigs and are not legally permitted to. As with alcohol and cigarettes, however, there is always some adult willing to pocket $20 for the job of buying e cigs for a group of kids; always a kid who looks like a 25 year-old. Since e cig flavors are so attractive to youth, lots of them are starting to vape when they were never smokers. The same goes for adults who never lit up before.

Tasty Flavors

E liquid companies are brewing up tasty treats that adult and young communities find irresistible. Many of them don’t even make tobacco or menthol-style juices, focusing on sweets instead. They create fruit-flavored e juices, dessert styles, and often cocktails. Custard e-juice is popular. Even if you never liked the smell or taste of tobacco, that doesn’t matter with e cigs.

On Balance

But the question is whether positives outweigh the negatives. So far, it looks like they might. If vendors routinely ask for identification, and parents educate themselves and their kids about nicotine, e cigs could do the health and finances of Americans a lot of good.